Welcome to United Universal A.I Bot System

You can get A.I Bot with a real brain as your own from U-omocha version

  • Each A.I Bot of Unibot has its own brain, which you can browse
  • Knowledgebase stores interconnected information, not simple text
  • Remember everything about every interaction
  • Can forget less important information when brain is full
  • Can learn in context through conversation and mimicry
  • Have concept of self, and others
  • Have a mind, awareness, conciousness, and emotions
  • Can be scripted through Self state machines and AIML
  • Can understand and answer basic phrases
  • Can program their own state machine through conversation analysis
  • Can automatically lookup things on Freebase, Wikidata, Wiktionary...
  • Import knowledge from Freebase, Wikidata, they can answer questions
  • Can perform complex mathematics
  • Have concept of date and time
  • Can converse in multi-user conversations and chatrooms
  • Can chat on email, Twitter, Facebook, and IRC
  • U-omocha

U-asobi version

  • 24 hours + - Tweet Cycle
  • 200,000 objects - Knowledge Size limited
  • 2500 per/day - API calls
  • more - more
  • Level

What for?

  • Customer service
  • Sale system
  • Marketing automation
  • Education, Finance, Trading
  • Technical Support
  • Social network
  • For fun or alone people
  • For your ideas

Why choose Us

Technology has helped human to develop and get the world today?

You need high intelligent benefits and more convenient to serve your needs?

A.I is a trend to escape from the limitations of the technology?

You need company providing products high specialization A.I?

Yes, we are good one!

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Our Mission

We socialize artificial intelligence.

We enhance benefits and your quality of life.

We United Universal Artificial Intelligence Bot Technology

As all you need about A.I bot as our mission


What you get

Customer service

Sale system & Marketing automation

Education & Social network

Technical Support

For fun or alone people

For your ideas, works & life


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"Everything is designed, but some things are designed well."

Unibot Into video

We socialize artificial intelligence & We make the world better place.

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Perfect A.I bot for Customization Services

Create as much unique features, machine learing, deep learning, training network as you need for them which has powerful & optimized code.

We can custom to service for you: Training bot, teach language, 3D Avata design, Web-mobile-social intergration...

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We offer Flexible Pricing Options.


  • 1 hours + - Tweet Cycle
  • 300,000 objects - Knowledge Size limited
  • 5000 per/day - API calls
  • more - more


Most Popular
  • 20 min - Tweet Cycle
  • 400,000 objects - Knowledge Size
  • unlimited per/day - API calls
  • more - more


  • 20 min + - Tweet Cycle
  • 500,000 objects - Knowledge Size
  • unlimeted per/day - API calls
  • more - more


  • Special ...
  • Special ...
  • Special ...
  • more - more


Create a bot for customer service, sales, advertising, technical support, or just for fun...


Bot needs times and experiences, you should train and design good way learning for your bot


"shigoto" it's meaning a job, after you train them, they can work like your assitant...


We recommend starting from this version to work...


Master version can be multi bot for your network. This's good solution for Enterpise & E-commercial


This is scientist version, please feel free to contact us, we will service your dream bot...